Bachelorette Scrunchie Sets
Bachelorette Scrunchie Sets

Bachelorette Scrunchie Sets

Need a fun addition to yours or your friends Bachelorette party? Pick up a pack of our Bachelorette scrunchies! Each set will come with one white scrunchie for the bride-to-be along with however many additional scrunchies you need in the colour of your choice. 
Some colour options are available above, however, any colour can be made. Please reach out to us for additonal colour choices.
Please choose the correct number of scrunchies needed and add that number to your cart. Please include the bride-to-be scrunchie in the total (it will always be white).
Prices are per scrunchie.
** Meal amounts will be dependent on number of scrunchies needed - if you would like a quote, please reach out to us! **


Did you know that we donate a portion of every sale to help feed rescue animals? We have raised over $7000 for local rescues since opening in 2018. It is very important to us that we give back to our community.